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BioFlash Biological Detector - Rapid, Sensitive Detection of Biodefense Agents

Innovative Biosensors, Inc., a company developing rapid, ultra-sensitive tests to detect harmful pathogens for both the biodefense and clinical infectious disease markets, have launched the BioFlash Biological Aerosol Collection, Detection and Identification System.

The proprietary BioFlash Biological Detector is rugged, portable, and incorporates a high-volume aerosol sampler. The well-integrated technology provides rapid, specific and sensitive detection of 21 biological threat agents in single test or multitest formats within minutes.

BioFlash can be implemented in various scenarios including military force protection, facility security management, as well as field detection/identification and environmental monitoring. "BioFlash is the only system that has integrated the combination of collection, detection and identification facets and which can be further integrated for building security purposes or alternatively used in the field by our military and first responders or for environmental monitoring of pathogens," said Joe Hernandez, President and CEO of IBI. "We are proud to provide a complete stand-alone solution with such excellent performance which is low-risk, cost-effective and provides highvalue information.”

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Posted: November 16, 2007
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