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New Edition Gilson Product Guide for Automated Purification

Anachem has the new edition Gilson Product Guide for 2007, a free comprehensive brochure containing Gilson’s entire product listing of automated purification instruments. Available on request this guide provides information on high-quality, dependable solutions for your Liquid Chromatography, Solid Phase Extraction, Liquid Handling and Gel-Permeation Chromatography Clean-up requirements.

A table of contents organizes each revolutionary instrument into relevant product groups that are colour referenced for ease-of-use and immediate product selection. Comparison tables within these product groups give brief details on the instruments capabilities before directing you to large detailed images of the systems and specifications outlining more in-depth product information consisting of chromatograms, part numbers, compatibility charts and diagrams.

The Gilson product guide features accessory compatibility charts that provide important reference material for maintaining assurance when selecting and ordering parts. Also included is a comprehensive list of probe types that allows you to select the design that best suits your application as well as providing necessary conversion material to aid your everyday applications.

NOTE: This item is from our 'historic' database and may contain information which is not up to date.

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Posted: June 18, 2007
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