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ADVIA Centaur® Users Share Experiences

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Bayer Diagnostics (a division of Bayer HealthCare) is staging a series of eight regional User Forums for users of its ADVIA Centaur® Immunoassay System, giving customers a unique opportunity to exchange views about their experiences with the system on a convenient local basis.

The focus of each Forum is totally customer-driven with no formal presentations from Bayer Diagnostics. All aspects of the ADVIA Centaur® system are discussed, including assay performance, the quality of Bayer's technical support and customer communications plus hardware/software issues.

"Customers who have attended these Forums view their usefulness in a very positive light", says Bayer's Allan Thompson. "As a company, we have also found this type of meeting to be very beneficial in that it allows a small group of customers to express their views on the system from both a technical and scientific viewpoint in a frank, open discussion. Bayer takes customer feedback very seriously and actively focuses on ways to resolve any issues which are raised."

"The thing I most value about the event is the close contact with other users", adds Clem Beo, BMS2 from Torbay Hospital, who attended the first of this year's User Forums in Bristol. "We don't tend to get in contact with fellow ADVIA Centaur® users very often, so the User Forum provides an opportunity to share good experiences and talk openly about any issues we might have."

This view is echoed by Liz Wintle, Senior Biomedical Scientist at Bristol's Southmead Hospital. "Having just a few people present means that everybody can have their say and share their experiences", she says.

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Posted: April 14, 2004
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