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Bayer Goes Walkabout in the UK and Ireland with a Series of Regional Roadshows

Bayer Diagnostics is hosting a series of regional roadshows throughout 2003, giving laboratory managers the opportunity to learn more about its ImmunoChemistry and Automation products on a convenient local basis. Each roadshow includes presentations by Bayer personnel and existing customers on the latest assays and system developments. Attendees can therefore be sure of keeping abreast of evolving technology, as well as hearing about what's actually in use in laboratories in their local area.

"The size of Bayer Diagnostics and our commitment to research and development means that our product portfolio is constantly expanding, with new systems and assays being developed all the time", says Hilda Crockett, Marketing Manager for ImmunoChemistry systems. "Anyone planning changes to their laboratory equipment should be sure to attend one of our roadshows in the near future, in order to keep themselves up to date."

This message is even more pertinent for laboratories which may be on the point of committing themselves to the acquisition of new equipment, having completed the planning process some months ago. "The options available may have changed in the past few months, so it's vital for managers to be certain they are making the right decision", adds Hilda. "Attending one of our roadshows will ensure that they are aware of all the latest developments."

Bayer Gets Closer to its Centaur Customers

Bayer is staging a series of Customer Forums for users of its high-throughput ADVIA® Centaur™ Immunoassay System at various different locations. Chaired by customers (Mr A McBain, Fife; Dr Roy Sherwood, London) these eight forums will provide ideal opportunities for dialogue with members of the Bayer Customer Support Team and other system users. The findings from these forums will be presented at Bayer's National User Group Meeting that is to be held in September.

The dates and venues for all these roadshow events are listed below.

ADVIA® Centaur™ Customer Forums
Wednesday 2 April, Durham
Monday 9 June, Birmingham
Wednesday 11 June, Dublin
Wednesday 25 June, Beaconsfield
Tuesday 9 September, Dartford

Bayer Immuno 1 Customer Forum
Tuesday 24 June, Birmingham

Bayer Immunochemistry Roadshows
Tuesday 1 April, Warrington
Thursday 3 April, Durham
Tuesday 10 June, Birmingham
Thursday 12 June, Dublin
Thursday 26 June, Beaconsfield
Tuesday 14 October, Dartford

Bayer Infectious Disease Roadshows
Wednesday 15 October, London - more details
Thursday 16 October, Birmingham - more details
Tuesday 11 November, London - more details
Wednesday 12 November, Manchester - more details

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Posted: April 2, 2003
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