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Automatic Temperature Monitoring of Laboratory Equipment

Labguard2 The new Labguard2 from Don Whitley Scientific is a wireless system that continuously monitors laboratory equipment and automatically alerts the operator to any problems. Easy to use and install it provides the data required for FDA CFR21 part 11 and GLP compliance.

Multiple pieces of equipment, both within the laboratory and in remote locations throughout the building, can be monitored simultaneously for temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Door sensors can also be monitored. Data is transmitted to a stand-alone computer or existing computer network and modular software allows operators to select from a range of monitoring and reporting options. These include remote alarm communications, remote consultation, equipment location mapping, temperature mapping (for incubators or water baths) and cycle monitoring. Routine maintenance and calibration reminders can also be programmed.

Continuous monitoring eliminates the need for manual readings, saving time and improving efficiency and performance. Labguard's automatic readings are accurate, reliable and convenient, and by alerting the operator as soon as a problem occurs, immediate remedial take can be taken.

The system fits easily into an IQ.OQ.PQ structure providing an essential audit trail and fully traceable results. Don Whitley Scientific also offers UKAS accredited service and calibration.

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Posted: May 29, 2006
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