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Siemens Enhances Post-Analytical Workflow Capabilities of Microbiology Testing Portfolio

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics have released LabPro V4.11 and LabPro Connect, giving laboratories access to Siemens´ most powerful post-analytical microbiology information management tools. The software releases further bolster the company´s innovative MicroScan® LabPro Information Management System, providing effective management of microbiology test results - from order to lab information system transmission (LIS) - using intuitive, customizable features to enable faster workflow and delivery of important test results.

LabPro V4.11 is the latest version of Siemens´ popular LabPro Information Manager, standard with any Siemens MicroScan microbiology testing system. The software enables laboratories to organize microbiology lab data, automate workflow and detect results that require review. Enhancements to the latest version include a new panel information tab for a quick snapshot of the processing panel with status and exceptions updates, a new WalkAway® selector that displays the status of all instruments and the ability to now sort testing barcodes to organize panel setup.

Working in conjunction with the LabPro Information Manager, LabPro Connect is a new software solution that consolidates databases for multiple testing systems. The open-system configuration option delivers workstation networking by aggregating LabPro ID/AST data to bench and laboratory office computers, reducing wasted staff time absorbed by visiting different instruments to collect information. LabPro Connect can also be configured as a closed-system without workstation networking.

Both LabPro V4.11 and LabPro Connect are currently available for laboratories located in the United States and Puerto Rico. Additional country launches are also slated to occur this month.

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Posted: September 13, 2011
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