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New Software for RapidStak™ Microplate Stacker Increases Throughput

Thermo Electron Corporation, a leader in sample handling and laboratory automation, introduces a new software package for the RapidStak™ microplate stacker. RapidStak is the fastest and most efficient microplate stacker in its class. And now it can automate two instruments using the new Microsoft® .NET programming interface. With the new software, RapidStak can be programmed to perform almost any plate loading application, from loading a liquid handler deck to automating high–throughput, two instrument assays.

Designed to work with most microplates and instruments, including Thermo's Multidrop ® family of microplate dispensers, RapidStak meets the increasing demand for timesavings and higher throughput in the lab. Thermo offers the fastest Multidrop stacker on the market, and it can now be used to automate third-party instruments. The speed is the result of Rapidstak's intuitive design—plates can be delivered and stacked simultaneously.

RapidStak is the only stacker that can be upgraded in the field easily to triple its original capacity as needs grow. It can be added to field instruments in minutes, immediately increasing productivity. This reliable "run-and-go" system provides peace of mind during unattended operation.

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Posted: March 11, 2005
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