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Cronobacter sakazakii Detection and Identification Methods

Cronobacter Review of test kits for detection and identification of Cronobacter sakazakii previously called Enterobacter sakazakii, a common microbiological problem in infant formula.

Air Samplers for Microbiological Monitoring of Air Quality

SAS360 Active air sampling delivers a quantitative result Modern samplers are convenient and easy to use Operation can be semi-automated Potential for integration with environmental monitoring ...

Alicyclobacillus Detection in Beverages

test-method-image-Alicyclobacillus Species of Alicyclobacillus are unusual and potentially important spoilage bacteria for the beverage industry difficult to detect slow growing organisms that do not produce gas - review of detection methods available.

Antibiotic Sensitivity - How to Find the MIC

Easy to read MIC strips Explanation of what the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration MIC is and what antibiotic kits are available for easy establishment of antibiotic sensitivity levels AST.


Priorclave How to choose a laboratory autoclave or sterilizer, this review details what factors to consider when buying a new lab autoclave.

Automated Laboratory Media Preparation

167h42p Key Characteristics Automated media preparators will automatically prepare, sterilize and dispense liquid or solid culture media can range from hand operated dispensing systems for smaller labs to ...

Automated Microbiology Systems: Building a Business Case

While microbiology has traditionally been very methodical and labour intensive, laboratory automation is gaining traction as a multidisciplinary strategy that combines research, develop, optimize and capitalize on technologies to enable new and ...

Automating the Food Microbiology Lab

Automated analysis Automation can provide significant time and cost savings, especially for larger microbiology laboratories it reduces the potential for human error and can provide more consistently reliable and accurate results.

Campylobacter Detection and Identification Methods

Campylobacter Review of detection and identification methods for Campylobacter in foods - chromogenic media, rapid methods, PCR kits.

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