Promicol B.V.

Company Overview

PROMICOL is specialised for more than 15 years in the development and manufacturing of Rapid ATP microbial test for e.g. UHT-ESL milk, Beverages and Cosmetics.

Company Information

For the last 15 years PROMICOL has developed several special assays for a large variety of products from Dairy to Canned Foods. With a global network of dedicated partners PROMICOL is able to deliver the highest technical support, service and maintenance support. The PROMICOL organisation and R&D capabilities are based on more the 30 years of experience in all aspects of ATP technology. PROMICOL is based in The Netherlands, centrally located in Europe, with excellent transport facilities and logistic services.

The PROMILITE M4® equipment is specially developed for larger test-series (above 50 tests per day) and the PROMILITE M1® is specially developed for smaller test-series (25-50 tests per day). In average the results are visible after 24 hours and will decrease the “total time of testing” (after incubation) considerably.

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Promicol B.V. supplies products for:

Food & Beverage

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