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Compact Dry™ TC (Total Count) by Hardy Diagnostics

Compact Dry
Manufacturer: Hardy Diagnostics

Principle: Sample rehydrates culture media and gelling agent in a non-woven cloth matrix, colonies appear red due to presence of TTC

Automation: No

Approvals: AOAC, MicroVal and NordVal approved

Suitability: Ideal for small to medium micro labs testing food, beverage, meat, cosmetics, and raw materials.

Capital equipment required: None


A ready-to-use dry film plating system for doing quick and easy total viable aerobic bacterial counts on food, beverage, meat, cosmetics, and raw materials.

Key Points:
  • Sample diffuses automatically and evenly into the plate. No need for spreader!
  • Room temperature storage.
  • Compact design, allows small spaces for storing, testing and incubating.
  • Stackable and easy to pick up.
  • Long shelf life (18 months): can be kept at room temperature in the sealed pouches.
  • Inoculation - Remove lid, and add 1 mL of specimen in the middle of the plate.
  • Incubation - Invert and place in the incubator. Incubate under the appropriate temperature and time for each examination.
  • Interpretation - Count colonies from the backside of the plate.
Manufacture details:

Hardy Diagnostics

Santa Maria


Tel: 800-266-2222 (US callers)/+[1] 805-346-2766

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