rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 23 Jan 2018

Automated Microbiology Systems: Building a Business Case

Thinking of moving towards automation for your microbiology lab? This test method guide from rapidmicrobiology gives you a check list for what you should be considering when preparing your business case.

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Real-Time Incubator and Colony Counter Delivers Results from 8 Hrs

The award winning ScanStation automatically counts colonies on plates as they are formed, with results possible in 8 hrs. Intended for food, pharma and personal care labs, the system delivers faster, objective results whilst using standard methods.

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New Video Demonstrates Fast and Easy Microplate Pipetting

The best way to pipette into microplates - the benchtop VIAFLO 96 and 384 channel pipettes can transfer entire plates in a single step, increasing throughput and reproducibility, suitable for wide range of applications such as ELISA, PCR and nucleic acid and protein extraction.

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Cherwell Publishes In-Depth Guide to Prepared Culture Media

Detailing best practices to produce, purchase, store and use microbiological media, this Cherwell guide is free to download and intended for anyone involved in using and/or buying microbiological media in the pharmaceutical and cleanroom industry.

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How to Choose RMM


This Weeks Featured Product


Introducing the APAS Independence by Clever Culture Systems
Using intelligent imaging, the APAS Independence can consistently screen and sort 200 plates per hour and quickly remove negative plates out of the workflow.
The innovative triage system uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms built on input from real microbiologists, as well as expert rules based on international guidelines.

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