rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - April 18, 2017
COPAN Colibri Automated Colony Picker

Eight Different Testing Methods, Only ONE Swab!

What can 1mL of liquid amies and a COPAN flocked swab offer clinical investigations? Hint* the answer rhymes with great. Study demonstrates ESwab™ versatility for not only maintaining anaerobes, but also its ability to be used for multiple testing.

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First-Ever Lactic Acid Bacteria Test To Gain Independent Validation

Simple, all-in-one testing solution for lactic acid spoilage bacteria, 3M™ Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate has been awarded AOAC® Performance-Tested Method. No need for media preparation, special diluents, sample pH adjustment or special incubation conditions.

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ECCMID tradeshow

Special Focus - What's on Show at ECCMID 2017

If you're going to ECCMID this year, here's a chance to plan which stands to visit and if you can't make it to Vienna this time, you can still be up to date with what's going to be on show for the clinical microbiology laboratory. NEW STANDS ADDED

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Touch free membrane dispensing for bioburden testing

QC organism kits for Instruments and Assays

Featured Event

MODA paperless laboratory

Justifying a Paperless Solution – Building a Compelling Business Case

During this 60-minute complimentary Lonza webinar, you will learn how to build a compelling business case as justification to implement a paperless solution. Register here


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This Weeks Featured Product

FDA licensed Endotoxin testing cartridges


We’ve refined our FDA-licensed PTS™ cartridges to require 20 times less raw material than conventional assays, so that responsibility, rather than demand, can continue to guide our operations. Continuing our commitment to conservation, this technology allows us to support humane practices and optimize our resources while reducing the impact on horseshoe crab populations. Gain immediate access to LAL and reliably test for endotoxins in just 15 minutes – ultimately decreasing investigations, variability and retests.


Discover how to do more with less at www.criver.com/nexgen-PTS.