rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 15 May 2018 - USA
Clever Way to Automate Plate Reading
Forceps Free, Effortless Membrane Transfer

"Magic Lid" - Forceps-free, Effortless Transfer of Filtration Membranes

Reduce risk of secondary contamination with the Microsart® @media 'magic lid' - an advanced system for touch-free membrane transfer onto agar plates without using forceps, specially designed for MLT, bioburden, purified water/WFI analysis.

Our Smart Tools for Real Heros
Merieux Nutrisciences Bluepaper

What’s Next in Food Safety - Mérieux NutriSciences Blue Paper 2018

rapidmicrobiology.com talks to Etienne Casal, Mérieux NutriSciences about the new 2018 edition of their Blue Paper on 'European Food Safety Trends, Key Issues and Perspectives'.

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1820_Liofilchem_MICLinezolidNL (002)

FDA-Cleared Liofilchem MIC Test Strip (MTS™) Linezolid (LNZ)

Linezolid is the most recent FDA approved item in the MIC Test Strip product range, following approvals of Clindamycin, Delafloxacin, Vancomycin, Dalbavancin, Ceftolozane-tazobactam, Meropenem, Ceftazidime, Telavancin and Tedizolid strips.}

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Promicol Methods Optimize Sterility Testing of Finished Products

The Promicol ATP bioluminescence method can be used for sterility testing of a huge variety of finished products (including foods, beverages and personal care products), unique reagent setup guarantees that all non-microbial sources of ATP are removed.

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Microbial Testing of Beverages

This Weeks Featured Product

Flocked Swabs Perfect for Specimen Collection from any Site

Our Flock is Different
What makes Puritan® standout from the rest? It’s our unique, multi-length flock fiber technology that sets our HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® apart from the rest.
The ultra-effective collection and elution properties of our flock will make your job easier and you’ll get better results — even with the smallest of samples.
Available in a variety of sizes, tip shapes and with various break points — there is a flocked swab perfect for specimen collection from any site — and they come sterile or non-sterile. Try Puritan® flock today and find out why our flock is different.

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