rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 12 Sept 2017
Puritan UniTranz Range of Transport Swabs

Leading Food Hygiene Lab Reports on the Inlabtec Serial Diluter

Customer video report shows why contract service lab, Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS) now use the eco-friendly, more accurate Inlabtec Serial Diluter to replace all their traditional 9 ml test tubes for ISO 6887-1 serial dilutions for food hygiene testing.

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Need to Know About European Food Safety Trends, Key Issues & Perspectives?

Etienne Casal, Executive Vice-President & Head of Europe, Mérieux NutriSciences discusses the objectives of their new Blue Paper on food safety: find out what it's all about and who will benefit from its expert findings and clear, easy to interpret infographics.

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Cleanroom Decontamination Guide

Providing a quick guide on validation standards and regulations, this e-book includes an overview of cleanroom disinfectants; decontamination techniques; decontamination devices and systems that deliver quicker, safer cleanroom decontamination.

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QC organisms for validating instruments and assays


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Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast - New Jersey, USA

Program will address the best practices for rapid microbial and sterility testing and tackle the challenges of contamination control.


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Rapid Methods and Automation in Food Microbiology

XVI Workshop on Rapid Methods and Automation in Food Microbiology (MRAMA)

Lectures, laboratory sessions, demonstrations, exhibition


Barcelona 21st to 24th November 2017


To see a full list of speakers and topics, visit: jornades.uab.cat/workshopmrama/en


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Become a QC Insider™ expert today and access the new Tech Tip
QC professionals know that data integrity is a fundamental component of quality control processes in the pharmaceutical industry.
Do you know if you’re compliant in your endotoxin testing?
Our new Data Integrity FAQs Tech Tip, released in our QC Insider™ Toolbox, includes:
The basic principles of data integrity and how they apply to the endotoxin test
An in depth comparison of qualitative vs. quantitative systems
Become a QC Insider™ expert today and access the new Tech Tip.