rapidmicrobiology eNewsletter - 12 Dec 2017

What if Listeria Detection Was Possible in < 60 mins Without Enrichment?

Now you can with Neogen’s Listeria Right Now™ a new, unique environmental monitoring tool. Test your environment and immediately take action to fix issues before they become serious problems. Validated by NSF International and AOAC PTM Pending.

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ESwab’s Versatility And Efficacy To Detect MRSA From Nasal Swabs Shown

ESwab’s versatility and universal appeal simplifies sample collection by minimizing the plethora of specimen collection swabs that need to be stocked by medical centers and clinics in favor of a single multipurpose bacteriology swab.
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New Book on Culture Media for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Manufacturers

Over 90 percent of QC microbiology in the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing sectors is still based around culture media. This book covers how media is used in the modern pharmaceutical microbiology setting and what is its future.

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Demonstration of Automated Solutions for QC Testing at SLAS2018

At SLAS2018 Lonza’s QC testing experts will be on hand to demonstrate how the WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software can interface with multiple robotic systems to provide a single database that complies with data-integrity regulations.

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New Video Demonstrates Fast and Easy Microplate Pipetting

The best way to pipette into microplates - the benchtop VIAFLO 96 and 384 channel pipettes can transfer entire plates in a single step, increasing throughput and reproducibility, suitable for wide range of applications such as ELISA, PCR and nucleic acid and protein extraction.

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Chromogenic Media for Food Safety

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This Weeks Featured Product

White_Paper_Ensuring_Data Integrity

Just Released! White Paper: Ensuring Data Integrity in the BET
Data Integrity is not a new regulatory requirement, but important throughout your entire endotoxin testing process.
Do you know if you’re compliant in your endotoxin testing?
Our new White Paper guides you through a risk-based approach questionnaire using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and helps you identify risks that may be inherent in your current workflow.
Topics include:
How to document your data flow
How to build an audit trail and data review process

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