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Compact Dry: Food Microbiology Made Easier!

R-Biopharm AG Compact Dry is a microbiological testing system which consists of a special dry nutrient pad in a petri dish. Plates can be used everywhere at any time as pads are not reconstituted before the sample implementation and are stable at common temperatures for long periods of time.
Posted: 2014-11-17 C F W

Industrial Microbiology Testing Market Worth $6.5 Billion Globally

Strategic Consulting market report industrial microbiology Industrial microbiology market report compares past, current and future microbiology test volumes and market values for food, beverage, pharma, PCP, water and industrial processes.
Posted: 2014-11-06 CP F O P W

ATCC® Minis - Big Quality in a Tiny Tube!

ATCC Genuine Cultures® in glass-free, ready-to-use mini-cryovials to save you precious time and resources.
Posted: 2014-10-28 C CP F O P V W

Lightweight Electronic Pipette Offers Enhanced Ease of Use

Integra Viaflo II VIAFLO II electronic pipettes are as easy to use as a single channel manual pipette but offer many advantages.
Posted: 2014-10-21 C CP F O P V W

New alpha+ Pipettes

Alpha Laboratories launch new alpha+ pipettes range including variable and fixed volume single channel, plus 8- and 12-channel models.
Posted: 2014-10-20 C CP F O P V W

All Bottled Waters Sold in the UAE Will Need Emirates Quality Mark

NSF International will be providing the auditing and testing for the Emirates Quality Mark certification of bottled drinking water.
Posted: 2014-10-13 W

Compact Dry ETC for Enterococci in Water Receives NordVal Cert.

Compact Dry ETC for enumeration of Enterococcus in water intended for human consumption has received NordVal certification as being equivalent to the ISO 7899-2:2000 method.
Posted: 2014-09-30 W

Microbank® - the Proven Culture Storage System

Microbank® Culture Storage Microbank is the original culture storage system with a well proven track record of efficient storage and retrieval of bacterial (including fastidious and anaerobic) and fungal cultures, currently used in microbiology labs worldwide including many reference culture collections.
Posted: 2014-09-25 C CP F O P V W

Bigger Capacity Benchtop Autoclave Meets Customer Wish List

Priorclave Ideal autoclave for labs with limited space and infrequent sterilisation needs, the Priorclave H60 with a horizontal 60 litre capacity is suited for a wide range of applications such as media prep, lab waste, liquids and diluents, glassware and apparatus.
Posted: 2014-09-22 C CP F O P V W

New Alpha Laboratories Catalogue – Over 1,000 New Products

Alpha Laboratories new catalogue includes an extended range of lab and clinical consumables, available to download or you can receive a hardcopy by post.
Posted: 2014-09-22 C CP F O P V W

Summer Issue of Lab M’s Min-e-Cat Now Available

Lab M Lab M newsletter highlights the recent introduction of two new product ranges, Pinnacle™ pre-poured plates and the µPrep™ line of bagged, ready-to-reconstitute media.
Posted: 2014-09-02 F P W

For Better Results Tomorrow, Choose Medical Wire Today

MWE Microloops Inoculating loop range from Medical Wire includes Microloops® Plastic in three volumetric sizes, Microloops® Nichrome 5 in six volumetric sizes, calibrated Nichrome 5 or Platinum Microloops®
Posted: 2014-09-01 C CP F O P V W

Unique Internal HEPA Filtration System for Anaerobic Workstation

Don Whitley All atmosphere in the Whitley A35 HEPA anaerobic workstation passes through the unique internal HEPA filter every four seconds ensuring the chamber environment is cleaned quickly.
Posted: 2014-08-25 C CP F O P V W

3M Celebrates Thirty Years of Petrifilm Plate Innovations

3M Petrifilm innovations First introduced in 1984, the 3M Petrifilm Plate technology has long been the industry standard for efficient and reliable colony interpretation and enumeration for food and beverage processors.
Posted: 2014-08-04 F W

Small Vacuum Autoclave Perfect for Sterilising Difficult items

MVA C40 Autoclave Priorclave introduce benchtop vacuum autoclave suitable for low-volume sterilisation of items such as bagged mixed plastic waste, tubing and narrow bore glass ware.
Posted: 2014-07-22 C CP F O P V W

ATS Buys MicroTest Labs to Form Accuratus Labs

Leading microbiology contract testing laboratories ATS Labs and MicroTest Labs have joined together to form Accuratus Lab Services.
Posted: 2014-07-22 F W

Establishing Limit of Detection with Quantified ATCC Strains and Nucleic Acids

Accurate determination of Limit of Detection relies on the use of authenticated microbial or molecular controls with known concentrations, ATCC now has an expanded portfolio for LOD testing.
Posted: 2014-07-17 C F P V W

Automated Food Pathogen System - iQ-Check®

QC Laboratories has selected Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check Prep Automation Solution for detecting foodborne pathogens.
Posted: 2014-07-14 F W

Microbiologics Partners with Biomatrica

Microbiologics has licensed Biomatrica’s DNAstable® and RNAstable® technology for use in their line of molecular controls for rapid diagnostic instruments and assays.
Posted: 2014-07-08 C CP F O P V W

EPA Approves Automated Microbiology System for Drinking Water

The TECTA is a compact automated system for detection of E.coli and coliforms in drinking water. The instrument’s optical sensor detects standard type of fluorescent indicators that are used in current methods.
Posted: 2014-07-07 W

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