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PowerDoor Autoclaves for Small Laboratories with Big Requirements

PowerDoor For laboratories with a requirement to sterilise large bulky items or have a need for high throughput the perfect solution would be a high capacity rectangular chamber autoclave but where there is limited lab space conventional chamber door swing is
Posted: 2013-08-19 C F O P V W

PIPETBOY pro from INTEGRA - Fast, Accurate Pipette Filling and Dispensing

The PIPETBOY pro enables the user to very accurately displace liquid in the pipette by applying variable finger pressure on its pipette triggers.
Posted: 2013-08-13 C F O P

Liquid Amies Transport Swabs Now Available from TSC

Probact Liquid Amies Transport Swabs are now available for the collection and transport of bacterial samples for use in high volume automated laboratories.
Posted: 2013-08-12 C O P

New Book: Sterility Testing of Pharmaceutical Products

In a new book 'Sterility Testing of Pharmaceutical Products', Tim Sandle proposes that control of the process and environmental control are considerably more important guarantors of sterility than the questionable comfort gained from a 'pass' result
Posted: 2013-08-06 P

Microbiology Supplier, Gibson Bioscience Launches New Website

Gibson Bioscience manufactures a complete collection of microbiological products including blood culture kits, lyophilized control cultures, chromogenic prepared culture media, stains and reagents ...
Posted: 2013-08-02 C F O P

New Video Shows Use of Lab M's new µPREP™ Media Format

The µPREP™ format is designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, to save laboratory time and resources in media preparation for high throughput testing while minimising storage requirements.
Posted: 2013-07-30 C F P W

New Product Video of Crocodile miniWorkstation for ELISA

The Crocodile is an open system workstation for running ELISAs video shows instrument: dispense, wash, incubate, shake and read - all in one instrument in a footprint similar to stand-alone-reader.
Posted: 2013-07-29 C F O P

Ensure the Quality of Your Antimicrobial Preservatives

ATCC® Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing Panel will help you accurately determine the antimicrobial minimum inhibitory concentration required whether you are QC testing industrial, pharmaceutical, or consumer products
Posted: 2013-07-23 C F O P

Identifying Fungal Contamination in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments

Accugenix® proprietary ITS2 fungal identification database continues to expand and reports 93.5% of samples to a species-level ID.
Posted: 2013-07-22 P W

Programmable Peristaltic Pump Makes Dispensing Easy

DOSE IT simplifies the dispensing of cell culture media, buffers and other solutions for volumes ranging from 0.1mL to 999mL.
Posted: 2013-07-22 C F O P

High Integrity Storage of Blood Fraction Samples

Unique 2D code non-detachable laser etched onto the bottom of each tube provides an easy and unambiguous means of storing and identifying samples.
Posted: 2013-07-15 C P

Biological Safety Cabinet Operating Sequence from NuAire

A simple and easy presentation on the proper sequence of events a user should take when operating a Biological Safety Cabinet from start up to shutdown.
Posted: 2013-07-15 C F O P

Easy Colour Change Detection of Pathogenic Listeria

SwabSURE ListeriaP is an easy to use colour-change testing system for presumptive detection of pathogenic Listeria from food contact and environmental surfaces.
Posted: 2013-07-09 C F O P

Kinesis Launches KX Range of Syringe Filters

Wide choice of membranes and diameters, KX Syringe Filters filter all sample types from small volume biological fluids to large volume environmental samples.
Posted: 2013-07-09 C F O P

Real-Time Viable Particle Detection for Grade A Aseptic Processing

In a single instrument the TSI BioTrak Real-time viable particle detector counts airborne particles compliant to ISO 21501-4 and has a 28.3lpm sample flow rate.
Posted: 2013-07-08 P

Large Chamber Lab Autoclaves for Bulky Items

RSC Autoclave The Priorclave RSC range of autoclaves with their taller, large rectangular steam sterilising chambers has become a popular choice for laboratories undertaking high-volume throughput or are frequently tasked with handling taller and bulkier items.
Posted: 2013-07-08 C F O P V W

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Now Available in EZ-CFU

Leading producer of ready-to-use quality control microorganisms, Microbiologics Inc., has added Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC® 9027™* to their popular EZ-CFU™ product line.
Posted: 2013-07-08 C F P W

Compact Dry, Ready-to-use Test Plates now Available from R-Biopharm

Improve lab efficiency with Compact Dry, suitable for raw materials, hygiene monitoring and finished product testing.
Posted: 2013-07-01 F O P

Outstanding Environmental Control in Panasonic's CO2 Incubators

Using dual wavelength infrared CO2 control, incubator temperature and CO2 concentrations are constantly monitored and closely controlled.
Posted: 2013-07-01 C O P

Rapid Micro Biosystems Secures $32.6 Million in Series B Financing

The Growth DirectTM is the only system on the market where all the applications can be run both concurrently and automatically on a single instrument.
Posted: 2013-07-01 P

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