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Biosynth Expands to Meet Demand for Diagnostic Biochemicals

Biosynth expands biochemicals for diagnostics business Biosynth and its collaborators are especially successful in developing reagents for use in chromogenic culture media for the detection of pathogens with the resulting technology being made available for licensing to customers.
Posted: 2016-02-22 C F O P V W

Easy to Autoclave - Sartorius’ New Tacta Premium Mechanical Pipettes

Autoclaveable without disassembly, Tacta is the new premium, mechanical pipette range from Sartorius, featuring superb comfort and reliability. The Tacta range makes pipetting effortless and safe, while producing consistent, accurate and reliable results.
Posted: 2016-02-16 C CP F O P V W

Cherwell Highlights Range of Cleanroom Microbiology Solutions

Cherwell will be attending two Pharmig events in March 2016 at the Oxfordshire Hotel, Oxford. The meetings will cover aspects of pharmaceutical cleanroom sporicidal disinfection and environmental monitoring best practice during manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
Posted: 2016-02-15 P

New aCOLyte 3 HD Colony Counter Combines Accuracy with Affordability

Accurately count colonies of all sizes and colours with the next generation aCOLyte 3 HD automated colony counter for microbiologists that demand a sensitive, budget system.
Posted: 2016-02-11 C CP F O P V W

Download Latest INTERSCIENCE Microbiology Catalog

Interscience Microbiology Catalogue The new INTERSCIENCE catalog contains the latest products for the microbiology laboratory including bags, gravimetric dilutors and blenders for sample preparation and automated diluter, spiral plater and colony counters for microbiological analysis.
Posted: 2016-02-10 C CP F O P V W

CosmosID Partners with QIAGEN for Metagenomics and Microbiome Analysis

CosmosID will enable QIAGEN’s customers to employ shotgun metagenomics and microbiome analysis for fields such as infectious disease, animal health, agriculture, environmental, and food safety.
Posted: 2016-02-09 C CP F O P V W

EpiCast Report: RSV Infection - Epidemiology Forecast to 2024

EpiCast Report: Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection - Epidemiology Forecast to 2024
Posted: 2016-02-08 C P

SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit for Cleanrooms

Microbial Testing Cleanroom Surfaces Combining MOCON's Greenlight® technology with Particle Measuring Systems', the new SurCapt™ Microbial Surface Detection Kit is designed for rapid microbial monitoring of surfaces in cleanrooms.
Posted: 2016-02-05 P

New Study on Global Microbial Identification Industry 2016 Just Released

Market report 2016 on the microbial identification industry - includes information on the main companies within the industry plus development trends and marketing channels.
Posted: 2016-02-05 C F P V

Copley Scientific Upgrades Pharmaceutical Testing Range

Download brochure presenting the Copley range equipment for testing pharmaceuticals for safety, quality and efficacy.
Posted: 2016-02-02 P

Isolate, Identify and Validate with Charles River Microbial Solutions

Charles River Microbial ID Service The Accugenix® Microbial ID and Strain Typing service offers accurate, fast and specific species-level identification of isolates, vital to rapid root cause analysis and appropriate corrective action.
Posted: 2016-01-29 P

Cherwell Improve Support for Pharma Microbiology in Rep. of Ireland

Ready to use media for pharmaceutical microbiology Pharmaceutical microbiology labs in the Republic of Ireland can now order their Redipor® ready-to-use culture media directly from Cherwell Laboratories.
Posted: 2016-01-29 P

Lab M Now Offers Full Range of European Pharmacopoeia Media

Harmonised Pharmacopoeia Culture Media All 17 dehydrated culture media referenced in the European Pharmacopoeia are now available from Lab M, specifically formulated and performance tested to ensure regulatory compliance as specified in the EP 8.0 volume (2014).
Posted: 2016-01-25 P

soloLAB: Cost Effective Laboratory Isolator Unit

Assembled in minutes, the soloLAB is ideally suited for API containment in research, inert operations or field based sample preservation.
Posted: 2016-01-22 CP F O P

Eurofins Strengthens Position in Pharma Testing Market

Eurofins Scientific has announced the acquisition of Sinensis Life Sciences B.V., provider of pharmaceutical product testing and cGMP Quality Control (QC) services in the
Posted: 2016-01-19 P

NCIMB Adds New Hydrocarbon Degrading and Radiation Resistant Ref Strains

New hydrocarbon degrading (Sphingobium scionense) and radiation resistant (Deinococcus depolymerans) strains have been added to NCIMB’s reference collection.
Posted: 2016-01-19 C CP F O P V W

Hardy Diagnostics Buy GG&B - Provider of Automated Slide Stainers

Hardy Diagnostics have bought GG&B makers of the Quickslide range of slide stainers automating preparation of microscope slides in the laboratory. Quickslide GramPro 80 can Gram stain up to 80 slides per hour.
Posted: 2016-01-19 C CP F P V

Lonza Launch e-Learning Modules for Endotoxin Testing

Lonza QC Toolbox E-Learning Interactive e-Learning Modules have been added to Lonza's QC Insider™ Toolbox, enabling an individual to create their own on-line endotoxin training programme that can be specifically tailored to meet their requirements.
Posted: 2016-01-19 P

Paper Validates ProtoCOL3 Automated System vs. Manual Colony Counting

Automated Colony Counting for water microbiology An independent water testing facility finds the ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counter can significantly improve lab productivity without compromising on accuracy - ideal for any water testing laboratory requiring fast, accurate microbiology results.
Posted: 2016-01-14 C CP F O P V

ALS Increases Capacity for Pharmaceutical Microbiology Testing

Contract service laboratory ALS will be opening brand new expanded pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory space in Spring 2016.
Posted: 2016-01-12 F P

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