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Europe Microbial Identification Systems Industry - Market Report

Market research report on the Europe Microbial Identification Systems Industry 2016
Posted: 2016-06-24 C F P

PAbs to Zika NS1 Can Improve Sensitivity of Lateral Flow Zika Assays

New Zika Virus antibodies have been introduced by Meridian Biosciences for the development of lateral flow IgG/IgM antibody detection assays.
Posted: 2016-06-21 C O P

Multichannel Manual Pipette Sets Volumes 10x Faster

The EVOLVE manual pipette has a fast volume adjustment system from 1 – 200 µl, now available as 8 and 12 multichannel manual pipette.
Posted: 2016-06-21 C CP F O P V W

Aseptic Manufacturing Training Supported by Cherwell Laboratories

Cleanroom Products Cherwell will be showing solutions for both active and passive environmental monitoring and meeting standard methods for process validation at the Aseptic Preparation and Dispensing of Medicines (APDM) Training Course at Leeds Trinity University.
Posted: 2016-06-20 P

Microbiology Culture Media Industry In USA - Market Report

Market research report covers the microbiology culture media market in the United States including development trends and competitive analysis.
Posted: 2016-06-17 C CP F P V W

Microbial Product Industry in USA - Market Report

USA Microbial Product Industry 2016 Market Research Report
Posted: 2016-06-17 P

Priorclave Awarded £½M Autoclave Export Contract

QCS150 Medical centres throughout Northeast Africa have selected Priorclave QCS150 front loading autoclaves which have 20% more loading capacity, competitive pricing, superb energy efficiency, low water consumption and dedicated pre-and after sales support.
Posted: 2016-06-16 C CP F O P V W

Reduce Risk of Virus Contamination in Cell Culture Media

Remove viruses from cell culture media with Virosart® Media a single-use filter that provides the highest level of safety for customers’ upstream processes as it is qualified for > 4 log10 reduction of small, non-enveloped viruses (e.g., MVM) and as a mycoplasma and leptospira retentive filter.
Posted: 2016-06-14 O P

“Bench On Demand” Laboratory Space Ideal for Early Stage Companies

Laboratory bench space suitable for start up biotechs includes Biosafety Level 2 provides companies the tools they need to establish proof of concept.
Posted: 2016-06-14 C F O P V

Eurofins Lancaster Labs Expands Biopharma Testing Facilities in Ireland

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories will be adding additional buildings and faciilites to its Dungarvan site, expanding its cGMP compliant contract testing services to the biopharmaceutical industry in UK and Ireland.
Posted: 2016-06-13 P

Cleaned Test Tubes - Not Always Clean Enough?!

More accurate serial dilutions Total Viable Counts from serial dilutions done in washed test-tubes were found to be significantly lower than counts from serial dilutions using the guaranteed ultra pure and sterile, Inlabtec Serial Diluter bags, suggesting the presence of growth inhibitors in the re-usable test tubes.
Posted: 2016-06-08 CP F O P

Tube Selector Manually Picks One Individual Tube from a Rack

Easy selection of one individual tube from a rack of tubes with the Micronic hand held tube selector, avoiding cross contamination between samples.
Posted: 2016-06-06 C CP F O P V

bioMérieux Expands Endotoxin Detection Offering by Acquiring Hyglos

Hyglos endotoxin detection assays use recombinant proteins so eliminating the need for horseshoe crab blood and allowing detection of 'masked' endotoxins that can occur during certain manufacturing processes.
Posted: 2016-06-02 P

GranuCult™ Culture Media is ISO 11133:2014 Compliant

GranuCult™ culture media is ISO 11133:2014 compliant The GranuCult™ range of dehydrated microbiological media complies with the ISO 11133:2014 standard covering the preparation, production, storage and performance testing of culture media.
Posted: 2016-05-31 C CP F P W

ATCC®Minis are Now More Convenient than Ever!

ATCC Minis ATCC®Minis are now more convenient than ever – ready-to-use quality control strains in glycerol stocks with stable storage at -20°C for up to one year!
Posted: 2016-05-30 C CP F P V

Endotoxin Testing on Medical Devices Added to Lonza QC Insider™ Toolbox

Lonza QC Toolbox E-Learning Lonza's QC Insider™ Toolbox now includes a step-by-step guide describing sampling, extraction and testing of the extract, as well as a webinar recording entitled “Medical Devices: Guidelines for Performing the Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET).
Posted: 2016-05-24 P

Eurofins Buys Exova's Contract Testing Labs in UK and Ireland

Eurofins has acquired Exova's 3x food, 5x water and 2x cGMP pharmaceutical contract service laboratories in the UK and Ireland.
Posted: 2016-05-24 F P

Alcami Invests in MicroSEQ® Rapid Microbial Identification Systems

Alcami Corporation can now offer MicroSEQ® molecular identification identification as a service for pharmaceutical and biotech industries wanting rapid, precise microbial identification for environmental monitoring, contamination and root cause investigations.
Posted: 2016-05-17 P

IsoBag™ Streamlines Plate Transfer into Production Isolators

Seamless transfer of contact and settle plates into isolator Designed for environmental monitoring in isolators and cleanrooms, the pre-packed, gamma-irradiated Isobag™ mounts to the alpha port of isolators, keeping the agar plates readily available without further decontamination.
Posted: 2016-05-16 P

Secure Post-Analytical Sealing of Sample Collection Tubes

For secure short term storage of blood and urine samples, the Novitain Capcluster-50 caps and seals 50 13mm tubes in one go, retaining foil can then be removed to leave each tube individually capped, minimizing cross contamination, compatible with automated pre-analytical systems.
Posted: 2016-05-16 C CP F O P V

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