Lab M Expands µPREP™ Ready-to-Reconstitute Media Range

What would it mean to your lab to gain efficiencies, increase capacity of your media kitchen and reduce hands-on time? Lab M´s µPREP media bags create 20L of sterile media whilst reducing time, resource and labour in your lab.

Our bags require no weighing, autoclaving or cooling and have an increased five day reconstituted shelf life, giving your lab flexibility with sample volume processing and reducing preparation time for your technicians. μPREP media bags are ideal for those laboratories with a medium to high sample throughput or those testing samples that require a high broth to sample ratio, such as chocolate or spices. For smaller throughput labs, each 20L μPREP bag can be kept for up to five days once reconstituted and can save on wastage when compared to conventional dehydrated culture media (DCM) formats.

Manufactured with a resilient dual layer and finely milled DCM, our bags also ensure high protection from leakages and precipitation, whilst our innovative single tube for both filling and dispensing reduces risk of contamination.

µPREP Media
Each μPREP bag is filled with the correct amount of DCM and all the necessary supplements required to create 20L of media. Simply connect to a water supply and the media is ready to use in as little as 20 minutes. Our expanding range of μPREP bags now includes:

Lab M Ready to Reconstitute Media in Bags

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Date Published: July 31, 2017

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