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Same Shift Results for E.coli and Listeria in Leafy Vegetables

Validated by the Institute for Food Microbiology, Israel the Yarok system can provide reliable results for E. coli presence/absence assessment in 4.5 hours and for L. monocytogenes in 8-9 hours.
Posted: 2017-02-28 F

Can Your Lab Afford to Keep Using Gas Jars?

Baker BugBox Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Workstation Use this infographic to see if your lab should switch to the small footprint Baker Ruskinn Bugbox which delivers a more reliable, stable atmosphere at a lower cost per plate.
Posted: 2017-02-27 C CP F P V W

Why Choose the Spiral® Method?

easySpiral Using the world's fastest spiral plating system increases lab throughput with fast (8 secs per plate) standardized plating and no intermediary dilutions, count from 100 to 1 x 107 CFU/mL on ONE Petri dish, save up to 75% on consummables.
Posted: 2017-02-26 C CP F O P V W

3-Minute Test Detects Beta-lactams, Sulfa Drugs, and Tetracyclines in Milk

A multiplex lateral flow kit for detecting Beta-lactams, Sulfa Drugs, and Tetracyclines antibiotics in milk now with AOAC RI PTM certification.
Posted: 2017-02-21 F

Precise, Automated Microbiology Sample Preparation

Easier microbiology with Corning homogeniser and dilutor Gosselin's S-Diluter -1 and S-Blender-1 improves laboratory productivity by delivering quick and accurate dilution and homogenization of many sample types including food, agricultural, chemical and cosmetic samples.
Posted: 2017-02-21 CP F P

Salmonella Testing - Fast, Convenient and Accurate

Complete all in one Salmonella testing kit Hygiena InSite is a complete self-contained Salmonella test that gives presumptive positive result after activation and incubation. Ideal for food contact surfaces, processing equipment and general environmental samples.
Posted: 2017-02-15 F

Q Labs Gains AFNOR Expert Lab Status

By acquiring AFNOR Expert Laboratory NF 102 Validation status, Q Laboratories, Inc. is one of only two labs in the world, and the only lab in the Western Hemisphere, certified by all three major certification bodies, AOAC, MicroVAL and AFNOR.
Posted: 2017-02-14 F P W

New Validation for Next Generation Food Pathogen Tests

Validated molecular tests for salmonella and listeria 3M™ Molecular Detection Assays for ­Listeria, L. monocytogenes and Salmonella now have both AOAC OMA and NF Validation demonstrating they are equivalent or better than standard reference methods for detecting pathogens in foods and environmental samples.
Posted: 2017-02-14 F

Baker Ruskinn Launches New Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Workstations

Baker Rushkinn Concept Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Workstations The Concept range has been designed to maximize productivity of systemized anaerobic or microaerophilic incubation; bringing together a host of brand new features that will deliver immediate benefits in the laboratory.
Posted: 2017-02-14 C CP F P V

Whatever Your Workload or Sample Type - Make ATP Work for YOU

Rapid Microbial Testing with ATP Promicol ATP testing solutions are suitable for rapid microbial monitoring of a wide range of products from the food, beverage or cosmetic industry, from small scale of 10 samples a day up to high throughput robotic testing during installation of aseptic filling equipment.
Posted: 2017-02-13 CP F

Detect Beer Spoilage Bacteria in 2 Hours with the GeneDisc® System

GeneDisc Beer Spoilage Bacteria in under 2 Hours Speed up decision-making process in breweries : New GeneDisc® protocols for assessment of beer spoilage bacteria contamination in as fast as two hours.
Posted: 2017-02-08 F

Stackable Autoclaves from Priorclave give Labs Greater Sterilising Flexibility

Stackable Autoclaves Get extra autoclave capacity with no addition to the footprint by using stackable autoclaves - as each chamber can run according to its own control programme, your lab will be able to sterilise media and equipment at the same time as decontaminating waste.
Posted: 2017-02-07 C CP F O P V W

CDC and Puritan Develop Reliable Norovirus Detection Solution

Sampling surfaces for Norovirus An evaluation study has confirmed Puritan's new EnviroMax Macrofoam Norovirus surface sampling swab with collection tube will reliably collect and transport norovirus for detection and quantification, can be used for monitoring or to confirm surface decontamination.
Posted: 2017-02-02 C F

Labplas Free Trial Offer - New Twirl'Blue Sterile Sample Bags

Labplas sterile blue sample bags for food Get free samples of LabPlas' new Twirl'Blue sterile sample bags, specifically designed for sample collection in the food industry, the blue color increases visibility and bags are suitable for solid, semi-solid and liquid samples - free from RNase, DNase and pyrogens.
Posted: 2017-02-01 CP F

Which Molecular Test Gives Fastest Time to Result for Salmonella?

Comparison table for time to result Salmonella If you were going to test 10,000 chickens for Salmonella, which molecular based system would give you the fastest result? this efficiency study compares iQ-Check®, BAX®, VIDAS® and 3M™ Molecular Detection Assay 2, includes sample prep, incubation and assay times.
Posted: 2017-01-31 F

Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in Food

Shiga Toxigenic E.coli in Food Dr. Roy Betts, Head of Microbiology at Campden BRI, reviews the current issues facing the food industry regarding STEC including how lab results should be interpreted. Campden BRI will be holding a seminar on STEC on 12 May 2017.
Posted: 2017-01-31 F

Accelerate Your Workflow in the Microbiology Laboratory

Visit Synbiosis on Stand 140 at ARABLAB 2017 to find out how to improve productivity and accuracy of sample preparation and colony counting tasks.
Posted: 2017-01-30 F P

Microgen Bioproducts Launches the New Pulsifier II®

Homogeniser for Food Microbiology The Pulsifier II is a paddle free homogeniser for preparing food microbiology samples, it easily processes hard food types whilst reducing burst bags. Less food debris means easier pipetting, less need for filter bags and easier plate reading.
Posted: 2017-01-25 F

Energy Efficient Lab Autoclaves Featured at Medlab

see range of energy saving autoclaves from Priorclave at Medlab Visitors to Medlab stand B58 will be able to see Priorclaves' EH150 a front loading 150 litre autoclave where the side panel has been replaced by a clear sided panel to give visitors a clear view of the clean, structured lines of the autoclave build.
Posted: 2017-01-24 C CP F O P V

The Next Generation Chromogenic Salmonella Media is Here

Chromogenic Agar for Salmonella Esterase Lab M's new Chromogenic Agar for Salmonella Esterase (CASE) uses a unique chromogen that makes Salmonella show up as distinct turquoise blue colonies, whilst non-target organisms appear as black colonies.
Posted: 2017-01-24 F

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