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Simplify Sampling with COPAN’s Line of Swab Rinse Kits (SRK™)

Detecting pathogens in the food industry just got easier. Whether swabbing heavily contaminated surfaces or difficult-to-reach equipment, COPAN has developed an SRK™ product to fit your specific needs. Please visit us at Booth #218.
Posted: 2016-07-25 F

Change Volume x10 Times Faster with EVOLVE Range of Manual Pipettes

Quick volume change pipettes At the recent Analytica 2016 exhibition INTEGRA launched single and multichannel versions of the EVOLVE range of manual pipettes which have a unique volume change system allowing users to set volumes up to 10x times.
Posted: 2016-07-25 C CP F O P V

ATCC® Green Florescent Protein (GFP) Strains for Food Testing Applications

GFP Strains ATCC GFP-labeled strains provide a reliable method for distinguishing control strain cross-contamination from true contamination during food testing.
Posted: 2016-07-25 F

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Pre-Weigh Dehydrated Culture Media

Increase accuracy and efficiency with the new Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Pre-Weigh Dehydrated Culture Media, supplied in 'rip' and 'tip' format for both 1L and 8L sizes the range includes the most frequently-used and well-characterised formulations.
Posted: 2016-07-21 F

Lab M Launches MMGA (ISO) Pre-Poured Media Plate

Ready-to-use MMGA agar plates Lab M's Pinnacle™ Mineral Modified Glutamate Agar, pre-poured media plate is formulation compliant to ISO 16649-1 and performance compliant to ISO 11133 for the recovery of stressed and injured E. coli in food, water and feed samples.
Posted: 2016-07-20 F W

AOAC-RI for Solus Listeria™ and Salmonella™ – Meet us at IAFP Stand 839

Solus Salmonella™ and Solus Listeria™ pathogen detection tests have been given PTM status by the AOAC-RI, the Solus DS2 system can run from 1 to 186 samples at a time, giving laboratories the capacity of almost 600 samples in an 8 hour day.
Posted: 2016-07-20 F

CDx System Gets AOAC-PTM for Rapid Screening of Listeria on Environmental Surfaces

Crystal Diagnostics (CDx) Xpress System, has received AOAC-PTM for Listeria for rapid screening of low concentrations of Listeria monocytogenes on environmental surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic tile.
Posted: 2016-07-19 F

Reliable Lab Water Purification Solution With Real-Time Monitoring

The Elix® High-Throughput water purification system is designed to operate at the heart of a central water purification solution, offering full connectivity, real-time remote monitoring gives access to all important water quality data.
Posted: 2016-07-19 C CP F O P V

Seward Introduces Major New Food Sample Prep Products at IAFP 2016

New Seward Stomacher® 400 EVO laboratory blender and sterile media products for food microbiology testing to be shown in U.S. for the first time. Insterprep sachets contain ready-to-use instantly-soluble sterile media granules, just add to Stomacher bag together with sterile water.
Posted: 2016-07-18 F

It’s Blue! It’s New! Sampling Products for the Food Industry

Specially designed for use in a food processing environment, the Labplas sample collection range includes Twirl’Blue sterile sampling bags, sterile blue gloves and blue clip pens with detectable retractable blue clips.
Posted: 2016-07-18 F

Fastest “Time-to-Results” with FoodChek’s Actero™ Enrichment Media

Actero FoodChek poster presented at IAFP, 2016 details how the Actero Listeria Enrichment media can greatly reduce enrichment times for Listeria detection in RTE deli meats and dairy foods
Posted: 2016-07-15 F

Enhanced 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

Luminometer The new 3M Clean-Trace System offers a complete system consisting of a luminometer handheld device, compatible tests and a new software platform, to verify that surfaces have been effectively cleaned in seconds for better decision making and audit preparedness.
Posted: 2016-07-12 F

Application Guide for Liquid Transfers between Different Labware Formats

Voyager II INTEGRA has prepared an explanatory application guide that demonstrates the benefits of its electronic adjustable tip spacing VOYAGER II pipette range in transferring liquid samples between different labware formats.
Posted: 2016-07-12 C CP F O P V W

Revolutionary Single Channel Pipette

Single Channel Pipette Set pipette volumes from 0.2 to 5,000 µl more than ten times faster with the INTEGRA EVOLVE single channel manual pipette.
Posted: 2016-07-12 C CP F O P V W

Instantly Soluble, Pre-weighed Media in Stomacher® Bags

Insterprep® is a range of instantly soluble, pre-measured, sterile media either in a Stomacher® bag or in a sachet, simply add sterile distilled water and your sample as per your protocol.
Posted: 2016-07-11 F

ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing of Fruit Juice Products

Assay Procedure Currently in use by many international companies, the Promicol rapid ATP test gives faster product release for fruit juices, smoothies and concentrates, with specially designed reagents that cope with the acidic nature of these products.
Posted: 2016-07-11 F

Priorclave RSC Autoclaves Can Improve Lab Efficiency

Priorclave RSC 350 With a 350 litre rectangular chamber, the Priorclave RSC 350 laboratory autoclave is the perfect choice for high throughput sterilising applications or where there is a requirement to handle extra-bulky items.
Posted: 2016-07-11 C CP F O P V W

Gosselin™ Blender Bags for Microbiological and Chemical Analysis

Blender Bags Ideally suited for the preparation of samples for microbiological and chemical analysis, the Gosselin™ range of sterile blender bags are highly resistant, can be used from -80C to +75C, available with or without filters, with traceability on each filter.
Posted: 2016-07-11 CP F O P

Improved Specificity of Microgen Path-Chek Rapid Listeria Screening

Microgen Path-Chek Listeria Microgen has increased the specificity of the Path-Chek Listeria test, greatly reducing the incidence of false positives and their associated costs – rapid, easy to use and cost effective environmental screening for Listeria spp.
Posted: 2016-07-06 F

Leafy Salad Implicated in UK E.coli O157 PT 34 Outbreak

Public Health England (PHE) is investigating an outbreak of a strain of E. coli O157 which may be associated with eating leafy salad.
Posted: 2016-07-05 F

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