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New Motorized Tip Spacing Pipettes

Available in 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-channel versions, INTEGRA's VOYAGER II pipettes are the only commercially available pipette range where the tip spacing can be changed electronically, up to 40 individual custom programs can be saved making often repeated pipetting protocols even easier to implement.
Posted: 2016-10-10 C CP F O P V

Priorclave Features Energy Efficient Autoclaves at Medica

Ecofriendly Laboratory Autoclave Priorclave will be exhibiting their range of low energy laboratory autoclaves at Medica 2016, in Dusseldorf 14th - 17th November, an autoclave with a clear sided panel will allow stand visitors to see inside and view the clean, structured lines of the build.
Posted: 2016-10-05 C CP F O P V

Clear Labs Offers WGS Testing Service to Food Industry

Clear Labs is offering a Whole Genome Sequencing service to the food industry to help identify specific pathogen strains, trace root cause of problems - correlate strain of bacterial with specific food ingredient or supplier.
Posted: 2016-10-04 F

Xpress™ Rapid Pathogen Detection System Now AOAC PTM for Listeria!

Rapid Listeria Detection AOAC PTM Using proprietary enrichment media, magnetic antibody coated beads followed by detection with liquid crystal technology , the Xpress™ is faster and cheaper than traditional PCR systems with virtually no chance of cross reactivity.
Posted: 2016-10-03 F

Novel Conjugate Blocking Technology Enhances Signal in Lateral Flows

For lateral flow immunoassay developers, Morffitechnology from BBI Solutions overcomes problems associated with using BSA as a conjugate blocker ie cross-reactivity, lot-to-lot variation etc.
Posted: 2016-09-27 C F O V

New Quantitative Nucleic Acid Standards for Astrovirus, Sapovirus, and Norovirus

ATCC DNA Support the development of molecular-based tools with quantitative synthetic RNA
Posted: 2016-09-27 C F O

Microbiologics Starts Expansion of Company's HQ

Microbiologics building expansion will include more production capacity, expanded research and development facilities, including a virology laboratory, and additional professional offices.
Posted: 2016-09-26 C F P

The BAX® System X5 for Pathogen Detection. Simple, Accurate, Validated

Dupont Bax X5 The BAX® System X5 provides fast and accurate pathogen detection in a smaller format. With room for 32 samples, it is a reliable, genetics-based testing solution that is ideal for many food companies, contract labs and government agencies.
Posted: 2016-09-26 F

Intertek Increases Capacity for E.coli Testing Service

Intertek offers a complete audit and testing service for a range of food microbiology pathogens including E.coli O157, Campylobacter, Salmonella and Listeria.
Posted: 2016-09-20 F

Eurofins Opens New State-of-the-art Food Micro Testing Lab in Singapore

Providing a contract testing service for Singapore, The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, this new laboratory will be able to test for food spoilage and foodborne pathogens as well as screening for mycotoxins, veterinary residues, organic contaminants and GMO testing.
Posted: 2016-09-20 F

INTEGRA Benchtop Pipetting System for 1536-Well Plates

Benchtop pipetting system for 1536 wells Don't have enough plates to justify a fully automated robotic liquid handling system but need to run assays in 1536-well plates? INTEGRA has a new plate holder that handles 1536-well pipetting using the adaptable, easy-to-use benchtop VIAFLO 384.
Posted: 2016-09-19 C CP F O P V W

Unique DMD® Hop Resistance Screen Kits for Beer Spoilage Detection

Dohler Combining the high-level sensitivity of PCR with visual analysis using lateral flow test strips, this beer spoilage kit from Döhler’s detects horA and/or horC genes in either a beer sample or from an individual colony on a plate.
Posted: 2016-09-19 F

ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing of Infant Food Products

Promicol A common protocol is available for rapid microbial ATP detection in the different matrices of infant foods, the method is currently in use for routine product release, delivering faster product release with reduced labour costs.
Posted: 2016-09-19 F

High Performance Blender for Microbiological Sample Preparation

Suitable for homogenising a range of volumes from 80 to 400mL., the Gosselin S-Blender-1 quickly and accurately blends samples for microbiological testing of food, agricultural, chemical and cosmetic samples.
Posted: 2016-09-15 CP F O P

Transport Your Lab Samples Safely with RACK’N’LAB

LabPlas safe carrying homogeniser bags Labplas' RACK’N’LAB is a light weight versatile rack which allows sample bags to be held upright without the need for bottles or specially designed bags. Marked rows allows samples to be easily identified whilst being held securely reducing risk of spillage.
Posted: 2016-09-14 CP F O P

What do Strawberry Smoothies and Raw Scallops Have in Common?

Foodbourne Hepatitis A Following the recent Hepatitis A Virus outbreak linked to Egyptian strawberries in the USA, this is a useful resource covering recent and historical outbreaks of this foodbourne virus.
Posted: 2016-09-13 F

New NCIMB Website Includes Online Forms for ID and Patent Deposit Services

NCIMB has launched a new improved website making it possible to submit forms on-line for microbial identification. make a patent deposit or submit a new accession to the National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria.
Posted: 2016-09-08 CP F O P W

Fast, Fully Automated and Robust Food Pathogen Detection

Automated food pathogen real time pcr The Bio-Rad iQ-Check solution is a fully automated real-time PCR system for medium or high throughput labs, delivering reproducible food pathogen results on routine food and environmental samples with results possible within 12 hours of sample receipt.
Posted: 2016-09-07 F

Quantitative Aflatoxin Test Gets USDA-GIPSA Approval

Designed for use at corn receiving facility, the ROSA® WET®-S3 Aflatoxin Quantitative Test is a simple lateral flow test for measuring amount of aflatoxin in corn.
Posted: 2016-09-06 F

New Look Autoclave Range from Astell Scientific

A new range of autoclaves from Astell have improved appearance, operation and functionality, capacities range from 120L-344L.
Posted: 2016-09-01 C CP F O P V W

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