NBB®-B-AM for Easy Detection of Indicator Organisms from Biofilms


NBB®-B-AM is a ready-to-use culture media that allows easy detection of indicator microorganisms from biofilms as part of hygiene monitoring.

Biofilms are conglomerations of microorganisms on living and non-living surfaces. Persistent biofilm formation during production indicates hygiene problems which in turn increases the risk of secondary contamination of finished products. Weak point analyses and trending within the brewery and soft drink industry are therefore an essential part of an effective biological quality control program.

NBB®-B-AM allows the monitoring of weak points during production through the use of swab samples. Sterile swabs are taken from critical points and directly incubated with 10 ml of NBB®-B-AM filled in tubes. During incubation, an indicator changes colour from red to yellow allowing simple and reliable visual screening of all samples for contamination.

NBB®-B-AM provides:

  • Simple hygiene monitoring for weak point analyses and trending
  • Sampling with swabs at critical points throughout the production process
  • Immediate use with ready-to-use liquid medium
  • Simple visual screening through indicator change

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Tags: Environmental Monitoring, Indicator Organisms, Ready-to-Use Media, Hygiene Monitoring, Biofilm

Date Published: April 13, 2015

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