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External Thread Storage Tubes Reduce Cross Contamination

Using externally threaded tubes for sample storage eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread.
Posted: 2016-11-30 C CP F O P V

QIAGEN and CosmosID Launch New Plugin for Metagenomics Analysis

Bioinformatics expansion strengthens QIAGEN’s Sample to Insight metagenomics solutions
Posted: 2016-11-29 C F O V

Meet ISO 11133:2014 Requirements With Liofilchem Ready-to-use Media

Media ISO11133:2014 Liofilchem manufactures a range dehydrated and prepared culture media for food and water microbiology, providing full traceability and validation data to help meet ISO 11133:2014 requirements.
Posted: 2016-11-28 C F O V W

Automated Etest, MIC Test Strip, & M.I.C.E. Reading with BIOMIC® V3

The BIOMIC V3 automates MIC zone reading and S-I-R interpretation for Etest® (bioMerieux), MIC Test Strip (Liofilchem®), and M.I.C.E. strips (Thermo).
Posted: 2016-11-23 C

Sekisui OSOM® Ultra Flu A&B Test Using Swab Samples

Now CLIA waiver, the OSOM® Ultra Flu A&B Test delivers fast, accurate results in 10-15 minutes by utilizing a simple procedure across multiple sample types, including nasal swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, and in moderate settings, nasopharyngeal aspirate/wash.
Posted: 2016-11-22 C

First Ultra-Rapid Phenotypic MRSA/MSSA Differentiation Assay

Based on detection of fluorescent light produced by molecular probes when they find their specific target molecules, the MRSA/MSSA differentiation is phenotypic overcoming the issue of PCR assays not coping with frequent changes in genetic material.
Posted: 2016-11-22 C

Fast, Automated Generation of MIC Point Values

A new software module from Synbiosis automatically reads the MIC point from a MIC strip at the touch of a button.
Posted: 2016-11-21 C

Eliminate Need to Autoclave and Refill Tip Boxes with TerraRacks

Ideal for sensitive molecular assays, Rainin TerraRacks are available as ready-to-use, sterile tips in racks - choose between filtered or unfiltered tips.
Posted: 2016-11-14 C CP F O P V W

Video Shows How Priorclave Autoclaves Are Built

How to build an autoclave Successful laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave, has over 60 standard models in its current range including benchtop, top and front loading, as well as double-door and power-door autoclaves.
Posted: 2016-11-14 C CP F O P V W

VIAFLO ASSIST Increases Consistency of Tissue Typing

Liquid Handling for Tissue Typing By offering consistency of dispensing volume, immersion depth and pipetting angle, the reproducibility and accuracy of tissue typing protocols are increased, especially during middle of the night, on-call tasks.
Posted: 2016-11-09 C O

CE Marked 30 Minute Or Less Molecular Flu/RSV Test

Using the Xpert Xpress Flu/RSV hospitals and clinics can reliably diagnose influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection in 30 minutes or less.
Posted: 2016-11-08 C

Bruker Acquires NAT Assays and Syndromic Panel Technology

Bruker acquistion will be involved in developing PCR-based syndromic panels for Bruker’s MALDI Biotyper platform.
Posted: 2016-11-08 C

FDA Clearance for Centralised Breath-test Diagnosis of H.pylori

BreathID® Hp Lab System is based on measuring the level of change of 13C labeled urea in a patients breath and aims to facilitate H. pylori diagnosis, in a central location, of large numbers of breath samples.
Posted: 2016-11-08 C

Compliant Air Transport for Biological Samples

Convenient and cost effective sample packaging materials ensure UN3373 compliance for safe air transportation of biological samples.
Posted: 2016-11-08 C F P V

Affordable Benchtop 1536-well Pipetting

Affordable Benchtop 1536-well Pipetting The VIAFLO 384 is the only benchtop pipette on the market, which allows easy and precise pipetting into 1536 well plates.
Posted: 2016-11-08 C CP F O P V W

Latest Colour Touchscreen Controllers for Astell Autoclave Range

The controller software has been developed by Astell for the precision control of all its autoclaves and sterilizers and contains features designed to improve both the speed and management of load cycles.
Posted: 2016-11-08 C CP F O P V W

Reliable and Rapid Identification of MRSA for Better Patient Outcome

Available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, the AdvanDx mecA XpressFISH assay uses a unique PNA-FISH technology to detect mecA mRNA from positive Staphylococcus aureus blood cultures, providing a result 1-3 days earlier than conventional methods.
Posted: 2016-11-01 C

First CE-IVD Marked NGS-based Metagenomics Test for Blood Pathogens

iDTECT™ Blood is the first NGS-based metagenomics test to be CE-IVD marked for the clinical identification of pathogens from blood samples.
Posted: 2016-11-01 C

Artel Software Solution Tests all Elements Important to Pipetting

Software allows a holistic approach to pipetting quality and pipette management - easy to implement and efficient to use, better enabling labs to generate consistent results.
Posted: 2016-11-01 C CP F O P V W

FDA Clearance for Solana® Strep Complete Assay

The moderately complex Solana molecular platform uses Helicase-Dependent Amplification (HDA) technology to generate a fast and accurate test result. Solana can process up to 12 patient samples in each 25-minute run.
Posted: 2016-11-01 C
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