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Microbiologics Launches New Parasitology Product

A new product designed for quality control and proficiency of diagnostic medical parasitology testing, and for teaching purposes in an educational setting.
Posted: 2012-11-13 C F P W

Identification of S. aureus from Positive Blood Culture in Just 20 Minutes

New technology now enables unprecedented species identification of bacteria. Quick FISH™ is a rapid, molecular diagnostic platform, developed by AdvanDx, and now exclusively available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories.
Posted: 2012-11-13 C F

Quidel Gets CE Mark for Sofia® Legionella Fluorescent Immunoassay

Using advanced lateral flow technology the Sofia Legionella FIA assay provides a reliable, objective, highly accurate, diagnostic Legionella result within ten minutes of application of the patient's specimen.
Posted: 2012-11-13 C

Another Patent Granted to COPAN in the US for its Flocked Swabs Invention

COPAN Flocked Swabs have changed pre-analytics in Microbiology by giving clinicians an intuitive and easy to use sample collection tool that improves diagnostics.
Posted: 2012-11-13 C

Swab Sampling Kits are Ready for Collection

TSC's Swab Sampling Kits are sampling and transport devices that are convenient, cost effective and ready to use for routine hygiene monitoring and general hygiene analysis of microorganisms on almost all surfaces.
Posted: 2012-11-12 C F O P

GenMark Diagnostics Receives FDA Clearance for RVP Test

eSensor® Respiratory Viral Panel enables concurrent detection of clinically relevant viral strains, improves co-infection detection, distinguishes Rhinovirus from Enteroviruses and identifies Adenovirus species C.
Posted: 2012-10-23 C

Enjoy Pipetting with New Biohit Picus Electronic Pipette

The Picus from Alpha Laboratories enables optimal working posture and maximum comfort with an ergonomic design that protects from RSI and makes pipetting performance more reliable.
Posted: 2012-10-22 C

Stomacher Laboratory Blender Cleaning Video Guide Now Available

Seward introduce a 'helpful clips' video series, a collection of 'how to' videos includes instruction on the easy opening of Seward Micro Bags, and a guide to cleaning Seward's Stomacher 400 laboratory blender.
Posted: 2012-10-22 C F O P

New Easy-Card H.pylori Antigen Test

From Alpha Laboratories, Easy-Card's lateral flow test provides rapid, sensitive, specific and cost effective results in stool samples.
Posted: 2012-10-22 C

BIOMIC® V3 Microbiology Reads Liofilchem® SensiQuattro Candida EU Panel

Digital imaging technology automates the reading, interpretation, and reporting of all Liofilchem microbiology products including MIC Test Strips, ID and AST Systems, antibiotic disks, and chromogenic agar.
Posted: 2012-10-22 C P V

G-Sphere® Molecular Standards Provides Flexible QC for Labs

Synthetic genes from Phthisis Diagnostics (now part of Microbiologics) can provide positive controls for virtually any organism, available for custom orders and Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba, Plasmodium, and Microsporidia assays.
Posted: 2012-10-15 C

Enteric Protozoa: DNA Reference Materials for Multiplex RT-PCR

The ATCC Enteric Protozoa DNA Panel provides you with preparations containing enough DNA for multiple PCR reactions - develop, test, and refine your molecular-based assays with ATCC reference materials.
Posted: 2012-10-15 C

Lab M for Isolation and Culture of Salmonellae

Lab M provides a comprehensive and proven range of media for the isolation and culture of Salmonellae from both foods and animal feed, and offers a choice of methodologies.
Posted: 2012-10-09 C F W

Electric Capper Works With All Sample Storage Tube and Rack Combinations

Operating as a stand-alone benchtop unit the compact Univo Electric Capper is able to uniformly cap a complete rack of 96 sample storage tubes in only 4-9 seconds
Posted: 2012-10-08 C

Extended Length Pipette Tips Improve Labware Access

INTEGRA has introduced a new extended length GripTip pipette tip available in non-sterile, sterile, filter and GREEN CHOICE configurations.
Posted: 2012-10-08 C

Accelerate your Leishmania Detection Assay Development

Whether you´re developing a real-time PCR or PCR-ELISA assay to detect Leishmania, the ATCC® Leishmania DNA Panel (ATCC® MP-13™) is the right tool for you to rapidly evaluate both the Limits of Detection (LOD) and sensitivity
Posted: 2012-10-08 C P

New Dedicated Pasteur Pipettes Website

Visit this new website and discover the history generating from Pasteur's invention, to the evolution of Alpha Laboratories' extensive range of plastic Pastettes® developed in response to customer needs.
Posted: 2012-10-08 C

Protect Select Offers Superior Performance for Preservation of Microorganisms

Next generation low temp. bead storage systems, Protect Select Anaerobe, Dairy, Yeasts and Moulds unique formulations are tailored to biomass recovery, Meat Free also offers full TSE free dossier traceability and security
Posted: 2012-10-08 C F P V W

Vircell Extends and Enhances AmpliRun® Product Line

The launch of 23 new PCR controls reinforces our commitment to the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases.
Posted: 2012-09-24 C

DIATHERIX Labs Offer Same Day Reporting for Acute Sinusitis

DIATHERIX laboratory service has a new Tem-PCR panel available for diagnosis of Rhinosinusitis. Results are typically reported the same day the specimen arrives at their laboratory.
Posted: 2012-09-24 C
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