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Global Microbial Identification Systems Industry - Market Report

Market research report on the Global Microbial identification systems Industry 2016
Posted: 2016-06-24 C F P

Europe Microbial Identification Systems Industry - Market Report

Market research report on the Europe Microbial Identification Systems Industry 2016
Posted: 2016-06-24 C F P

PAbs to Zika NS1 Can Improve Sensitivity of Lateral Flow Zika Assays

New Zika Virus antibodies have been introduced by Meridian Biosciences for the development of lateral flow IgG/IgM antibody detection assays.
Posted: 2016-06-21 C O P

Rare and Emerging Pathogens Reference Library Expanded

Bruker collaboration with CDC has added to the MicrobeNet database of rare and emerging pathogens.
Posted: 2016-06-21 C O

Multichannel Manual Pipette Sets Volumes 10x Faster

The EVOLVE manual pipette has a fast volume adjustment system from 1 – 200 µl, now available as 8 and 12 multichannel manual pipette.
Posted: 2016-06-21 C CP F O P V W

Vela Achieves CE-IVD Marking for HCV Genotyping NGS Assay

The Vela Diagnostics' Sentosa® SQ HCV Genotyping Assay is the first NGS assay to be approved for high-risk blood disease, now CE marked for viral genotyping in patients diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus infection from human plasma or serum sample.
Posted: 2016-06-20 C

Microbiology Culture Media Industry In USA - Market Report

Market research report covers the microbiology culture media market in the United States including development trends and competitive analysis.
Posted: 2016-06-17 C CP F P V W

Priorclave Awarded £½M Autoclave Export Contract

QCS150 Medical centres throughout Northeast Africa have selected Priorclave QCS150 front loading autoclaves which have 20% more loading capacity, competitive pricing, superb energy efficiency, low water consumption and dedicated pre-and after sales support.
Posted: 2016-06-16 C CP F O P V W

Molecular Microbiology Laboratory Services Available for Clinical Studies

New molecular technologies required for microbiological aspects of Phase I-IV global clinical studies for infectious disease therapies are provided by a strategic alliance of Medpace and International Health Management Associates, Inc
Posted: 2016-06-14 C

“Bench On Demand” Laboratory Space Ideal for Early Stage Companies

Laboratory bench space suitable for start up biotechs includes Biosafety Level 2 provides companies the tools they need to establish proof of concept.
Posted: 2016-06-14 C F O P V

More CMV Positives Found with DxN VERIS vs COBAS®

Study of 169 plasma samples, previously tested CMV-positive on whole blood, showed the specificity of the VERIS CMV assay was 99%, but also that the VERIS CMV Assay detected 18 more positive samples than COBAS® Ampliprep™/COBAS®.
Posted: 2016-06-14 C

Puritan to Attend ASM’s Annual Microbiology Event in Boston, MA

Puritan showcases new applicator for MALDI-TOF systems On Booth #648 at ASM Microbe 2016, Puritan will be showcasing their new 3" applicator stick for direct colony transfer for MALDI-TOF MS systems, together with four new enrichment media as well as a transport system for sampling human DNA and RNA for research.
Posted: 2016-06-13 C

ARIES® Flu A/B & RSV Assay Receives CE-IVD Mark

ARIES® Flu A/B and RSV Assay rapidly detect and differentiate: influenza A virus, influenza B virus, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) using a sample to answer platform.
Posted: 2016-06-13 C

Wound-Seq, a Next-Generation Care Test for Diabetic Wounds

Wound~Seq uses next-generation sequencing of the skin microbiome to identify all microorganisms present in a wound from a simple swab of the infected area.
Posted: 2016-06-07 C

China and India are Fastest Growing Clinical Microbiology Markets

Market report on the global clinical microbiology market suggests it is expected to reach USD 5.77 billion by 2021 up from USD 3.35 billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 11.5%, during 2016 to 2021. Most growth will come from Asia-Pacific.
Posted: 2016-06-07 C

Excellent Results from Multi-Centre Evaluation of DxN VERIS HIV-1 Assay

Results from a multi-centre evaluation showed the Beckman Coulter DxN VERIS HIV-1 assay was a helpful and reliable tool for HIV-1 RNA viral load determination delivering consistent results among the different sites.
Posted: 2016-06-07 C

Tube Selector Manually Picks One Individual Tube from a Rack

Easy selection of one individual tube from a rack of tubes with the Micronic hand held tube selector, avoiding cross contamination between samples.
Posted: 2016-06-06 C CP F O P V

ChromaZona, Expert Microbial Identification and AST Analysis System

Intended for clinical microbiology laboratories, ChromaZona image analysis system can identify organisms growing on chromogenic media and auto read and calculate MIC values from antibiotic inhibition zones according the EUCAST standards.
Posted: 2016-05-31 C

GranuCult™ Culture Media is ISO 11133:2014 Compliant

GranuCult™ culture media is ISO 11133:2014 compliant The GranuCult™ range of dehydrated microbiological media complies with the ISO 11133:2014 standard covering the preparation, production, storage and performance testing of culture media.
Posted: 2016-05-31 C CP F P W

The Art of Clinical Microbiology - Book by Michael Addidle

A new book written by practicing clinical microbiologist Michael Addidle with thoughts, opinions and explanations of concepts in clinical diagnostic microbiology.
Posted: 2016-05-31 C

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