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Quest Launches Zika MAC-ELISA Antibody Test Service

Using the Zika MAC-ELISA test developed by the CDC, Quest Diagnostics now provides access to Zika virus antibody and molecular laboratory test services for people in the United States as well as Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.
Posted: 2016-09-27 C

Novel Conjugate Blocking Technology Enhances Signal in Lateral Flows

For lateral flow immunoassay developers, Morffitechnology from BBI Solutions overcomes problems associated with using BSA as a conjugate blocker ie cross-reactivity, lot-to-lot variation etc.
Posted: 2016-09-27 C F O V

A FIT Sample for Faecal Occult Blood Tests

The HM-JACKarc automated FIT system, distributed in the UK exclusively by Alpha Laboratories Ltd., uses a specimen collection device specially designed to make sampling easy and to prevent f-Hb degradation.
Posted: 2016-09-27 C

Distributor for Amplidiag® Diagnostics Tests Appointed in Portugal

Amplidiag® product range includes - Amplidiag® H. pylori+ClariR, Amplidiag® Stool Parasites, Amplidiag® CarbaR+VRE, Amplidiag® C. difficile+027, Amplidiag® Bacterial GE, Amplidiag® Easy and upcoming Amplidiag® Viral GE, now distributed in Portugal by Bioportugal Química Farmacêutica Lda.
Posted: 2016-09-27 C

CDC Spends $2.5m on Lab Equipment and Supplies for Zika Detection

CDC has equipped labs around the USA for testing samples for zika virus infection using the CDC developed MAC-ELISA approach.
Posted: 2016-09-27 C O

New Quantitative Nucleic Acid Standards for Astrovirus, Sapovirus, and Norovirus

ATCC DNA Support the development of molecular-based tools with quantitative synthetic RNA
Posted: 2016-09-27 C F O

Microbiologics Starts Expansion of Company's HQ

Microbiologics building expansion will include more production capacity, expanded research and development facilities, including a virology laboratory, and additional professional offices.
Posted: 2016-09-26 C F P

Xpert® C. difficile Now Detects Binary Toxin Gene

Some strains of Clostridium difficile can be negative for toxins A and B but positive for binary toxin.
Posted: 2016-09-26 C

INTEGRA Benchtop Pipetting System for 1536-Well Plates

Benchtop pipetting system for 1536 wells Don't have enough plates to justify a fully automated robotic liquid handling system but need to run assays in 1536-well plates? INTEGRA has a new plate holder that handles 1536-well pipetting using the adaptable, easy-to-use benchtop VIAFLO 384.
Posted: 2016-09-19 C CP F O P V W

Simple, Low Cost Solution to Driving Down Hospital Infection Rates

Hygiena hand-held ATP bioluminescence monitor and UltraSnap swab Measuring the effectiveness of cleaning is the first step to limiting HAIs, visual assessment is subjective and only detects gross lapses but ATP bioluminescence is a simple, rapid method for measuring organic soil now well established in the healthcare sector.
Posted: 2016-09-13 C

Medical Wire Exhibiting Transport Swabs for Viral Specimens at ESCV

ESCV At this year's ESCV annual meeting, Medical Wire will be showcasing their key products for clinical virology sample collection and transportation - the Sigma-Virocult® and Sigma-VCM™ are suitable for use in either cell culture or molecular techniques.
Posted: 2016-09-13 C

bioMérieux Awarded Multi-year Agreement with NHS for Bacterial Screening of Platelets

Blood Platelet Screening BacTAlert The BacT/ALERT® is an IVD CE marked and FDA 510K quality control testing device cleared for platelets screening to detect both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms in a platelet sample.
Posted: 2016-09-05 C

New Distributor of Mobidiag Multiplex Gastrointestinal Tests to CEE Countries

Suitable for mid-sized to large laboratories, the real-time PCR based Amplidiag® multiplex tests allow simultaneous screening for the most relevant gastrointestinal pathogens.
Posted: 2016-09-05 C

New Look Autoclave Range from Astell Scientific

A new range of autoclaves from Astell have improved appearance, operation and functionality, capacities range from 120L-344L.
Posted: 2016-09-01 C CP F O P V W

Sterilise Large Bulky Items in Priorclave’s New 400 Litre Autoclave

400 Litre Autoclave Part of Priorclave's established Q63 range, the new 400 litre autoclave offers an affordable, energy conscious and versatile laboratory steam steriliser, the taller chamber profile makes it ideal for any lab needing to sterilise large, bulky items.
Posted: 2016-09-01 C CP F O P V

Accelerate Liquid Transfers between Different Labware Formats

Automatically adjust your pipette tip spacing The VOYAGER II is the only pipette where the tip spacing can be changed electronically, spacing can be conveniently changed as you are pipetting using only a single hand.
Posted: 2016-09-01 C CP F O P V

Multiplex PCR Amplidiag® Detects Main Enteric Parasites from Stools

CE marked Mobidiag Amplidiag® Stool Parasites is a multiplex PCR test that detects the main diarrhea causing stool parasites (Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium spp., Entamoeba histolytica and Dientamoeba fragilis) directly from stool samples.
Posted: 2016-08-31 C

Chembio Awarded US Government Contract to Develop POC Zika Tests

Currently available genetic tests for the Zika virus have limited utility as they are accurate only during a narrow window of time between initial Zika virus exposure and the patient's development of detectable antibodies to the virus,
Posted: 2016-08-30 C

Vela Diagnostics Launches CE-IVD Zika Virus Real-Time PCR Assay

Now with CE marking, the Sentosa® SA ZIKV PCR Test has a high analytical performance with 82 zika virus strains detected and no cross-reactivity with 44 pathogens including dengue and chikungunya.
Posted: 2016-08-30 C

Puritan Releases New Line of Enrichment and Transport Media

4 New Transport Media from Puritan Puritan Medical Products is now a one-stop shop for all your transport media needs with the release of four new prepared microbiology media - Cary-Blair, MRSA, LIM Broth and Regan-Lowe, now available in 2ml or 5ml fill volumes. Swabs are not included in the vials.
Posted: 2016-08-30 C

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