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CE-IVD Marked Unyvero UTI Cartridge Covers 103 Diagnostic Targets

UTI panel covers 103 diagnostic targets - 443-patient multi-center study demonstrates overall weighted average sensitivity of 95.6% at an overall weighted average specificity of 99.3%.
Posted: 2018-04-24 C

New Sample Storage Tubes with Easy Automated and Visual Sample ID

An exceptional new sample storage tube range is introduced by Micronic, leader in sample storage innovation, to guarantee the complete traceability of samples.
Posted: 2018-04-24 C P

BD Synapsys™ Microbiology Informatics Solution Announced at ECCMID

BD Synapsys™ Microbiology Informatics Solution which provides laboratories with secure connectivity across instruments and locations will be amongst the new offerings shown at BD ECCMID booth #13.
Posted: 2018-04-24 C

ELITechGroup and R-Biopharm Cooperate to Expand Real-Time PCR Portfolio

R-Biopharm and ELITechGroup have agreed to cooperate in the development, production and marketing of Real-Time PCR reagents.
Posted: 2018-04-24 C F

FDA Authorizes New Use of Test to ID Emerging Pathogen Candida auris

The BRUKER MALDI Biotyper CA system uses MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in combination with a reference organism database. FDA findings indicated that the system can reliably identify C. auris 100 percent of the time.
Posted: 2018-04-24 C

Bruker Introduces Bologna Workflow for ID and AMR Positive Blood Cultures

Microbial ID of 2,700 Species from positive blood cultures in 60-90 minutes, combined with functional testing of Cephalosporin- and Carbapenem-Resistance on MALDI Biotyper®, at Bruker ECCMID stand.
Posted: 2018-04-23 C

QIAGEN Launches QIAstat-Dx® in Europe

QIAstat-Dx enables accurate, fast, cost-effective and flexible syndromic testing with novel Sample to Insight solutions powered by QIAGEN chemistries.
Posted: 2018-04-20 C

Microbank™ - Original Long Term Microbial Culture Storage Now 2D Barcoded

Long-term storage and retrieval of bacterial and fungal cultures For long-term storage and retrieval of bacterial and fungal cultures only Microbank™ guarantees up to 25 years of successful storage, now with barcoding, package includes barcode reader, data storage device and Microbank™ Assets Web Database.
Posted: 2018-04-20 C F O P V

Amplidiag® CarbaR+MCR - CE Marked Multiplex Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Amplidiag® CarbaR+MCR is a cost-effective solution for high-volume screening directly from stool, rectal swabs and pure cultures for carbapenemase-producing organisms (CPO) and colistin-resistant Enterococci (CRE).
Posted: 2018-04-19 C

Novodiag® Bacterial GE+ for Enteric Pathogens - Single Test Directly from Stool

Combining qPCR and microarray technologies, Novodiag offers an all in one solution for on-demand targeted and syndromic testing.
Posted: 2018-04-18 C

Automating the Diagnosis of Urogenital Mycoplasma Infections

ELITech's new EM Smart-Reader brings automation to urogenital mycoplasma (Mycofast®), fungi and parasites diagnosis answering the modern needs of laboratories in terms of standardization and Quality Control management.
Posted: 2018-04-17 C

Special Focus - What's on Show at ECCMID 2018

Browse the highlights from the exhibition at ECCMID 2018 in Madrid from bioMérieux, Bosch, Clever Culture, Check-Points, Microbiologics, Medical Wire, Qiagen, Vircell, CHROMagar........
Posted: 2018-04-17 C

QIAGEN - See Disease Differently – from Sample to Insight

Discover solutions for infectious disease diagnostics and research at ECCMID 2018, join us at the QIAGEN booth #36 for expert talks every day! Space is limited so reserve your spot now.
Posted: 2018-04-17 C

Sigma MM™ Molecular Medium - Specimen to Safe DNA/RNA in a Single Step!

Sigma MM™ - Specimen to Safe DNA/RNA in a Single Step! MWE will be launching Sigma MM™, a powerful reagent based liquid medium that renders pathogenic material safe within seconds and ready for molecular analysis. Booth #108
Posted: 2018-04-16 C

Fast, Accurate QC Microorganisms from Microbiologics

Fast, Accurate QC Microorganisms from Microbiologics Microbiologics offers over 900 strains in a variety of formats for assay and instrumentation validation/verification, routine QC, proficiency testing and more. Visit booth 120 to learn how we can simplify testing in your lab.
Posted: 2018-04-16 C

FDA-cleared Microbroth Dilution Plates for Delafloxacin and Meropenem/Vaborbactam

FDA-cleared microbroth dilution plates provide true minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) results, facilitating more targeted patient therapy.
Posted: 2018-04-10 C

CHROMagar, Pioneer in Chromogenic Media, will be Present at ECCMID 2018

Chromogenic media for antibiotic resistance detection CHROMagar offers the widest range of chromogenic media, all available in dehydrated format, including a family specially designed for the detection of drug and multi-drug resistant bacteria. Come visit us at ECCMID 2018 - Booth #152 and find out about our latest products.
Posted: 2018-04-10 C

APAS Independence - The First Automated Culture Plate Reader

APAS Independence is the first automated culture plate reader. A breakthrough in AI technology, it can read 200 plates per hour, provides accurate reproducible results and removes the negative or non significant plates out of your workflow. Booth #1A.
Posted: 2018-04-10 C

Vivalytic from Bosch – Universal, Intuitive, Fast

Vivalytic is a universal platform for molecular diagnostics that will allow you to test a wide variety of samples and to perform fully automated analytical procedures. Visit us at booth #30.
Posted: 2018-04-09 C

bioMérieux and DIAGNOSTICS IS POWER at ECCMID 2018

Innovative Diagnostics in Microbiology: Real- World Impact on Patients bioMérieux will be showcasing their extensive offer in Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS). Experience how the power of diagnostics can help optimize antibiotic therapy – initiation, optimization and discontinuation. Booth #3.
Posted: 2018-04-09 C
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