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Workshop on Real-Time PCR for Food Testing - Potsdam, Germany

2018, June 28

Food » Workshop

In this one-day workshop, which is aimed for participants who are just starting with qPCR, or already use this method and wish to deepen their knowledge, you will learn about the general principles of qPCR, including experiment setup and data analysis.

Afterwards you receive practical hands-on training for DNA-extraction and qPCR setup using the BIOTECON Diagnostics foodproof® Kits. All necessary materials and equipment will be provided on site.

Furthermore you get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different qPCR cyclers, such as the PikoRealTM24 (for low throughput assays), the AriaMx, the Lightcycler®96 and the Lightcycler®480 II (for medium to high throughput assays), and receive training on them. You will learn about technical specifications of the cyclers, handling and the corresponding software systems. A detailed data analysis of the acquired q PCR data is included.

Topics of the Workshop:

  • Introduction and theory of real-time PCR
  • Applications for quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Practical hands-on training for DNA extraction and quantitative PCR setup using different real-time PCR cyclers
  • Data analysis and result interpretation
  • Troubleshooting discussion

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