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Workshop on Legionella Quantification in 4 Hours - Potsdam, Germany

2018, March 2

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This workshop will focus on understanding the basics of Legionella testing and is intended to provide the audience with information about the requirements, regulations and methods for Legionella testing. Real-time PCR and cultural methods (ISO 11731:2017) are compared. A practical training in our laboratory will help to understand how real-time PCR can be used for the specific individual quantification of Legionella spp., Legionella pneumophila and Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1. The hands-on training will guide through all steps of the analysis, starting with filtration, followed by live/dead differentiation, DNA extraction and real-time PCR setup. Finally, result interpretation and reporting complete the workshop.

The workshop is addressed to those involved in the management and control of Legionella, who are just implementing real-time PCR in the laboratory or already use real-time PCR and are looking for the best method.

Topics of the Workshop:

  • Requirements, regulations and methods for Legionella testing
  • Comparison of real-time PCR and cultural methods (ISO 11731:2017)
  • Practical training in our laboratory: filtration, live / dead differentiation and real-time PCR
  • Result interpretation and reporting

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