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Using Metrics to Monitor and Improve Your Quality Management System - webinar

2015, September 1 @ 13:00 - 14:30

Pharmaceutical » Training, Webinar, Seminar

Attend this course to learn the best practices in preparing metrics and dashboards for management review. Without proactive and timely metrics, a medical device company is blind to the health of its quality system and meeting the needs of its stakeholders. This can lead to disaster for the company or, even worse, its customers.

Challenges that companies face include:
Lack of data
Data that is not timely
Data that is incorrect or difficult to analyze
Metrics that are lagging and not leading indicators
Metrics that are not balanced leading to improper use of resources and unintended consequences

Areas Covered in the Session :
How to create a balanced scorecard
How to move from lagging to leading indicators
How to use indices or profiles to create a more complete picture of performance
Lack of transparency in quality/compliance data
Use of metrics and dashboards for management review
Maturity levels in use of metrics
Scalability and hierarchy in metrics


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