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Webinar On Metrology: Statistical Analysis of Measurement Uncertainty

2015, March 12

Clinical, Pharmaceutical » Training, Seminar

The seminar begins with an examination of the fundamental vocabulary and concepts related to metrology. Topics include: accuracy, precision, calibration, and "uncertainty ratios". Several of the standard methods for analyzing measurement variation are then described and explained, as derived from AIAG's Measurement System Analysis reference book. The methods include: Gage R&R (ANOVA method, for 3 gages, 3 persons, 3 replicates, and 10 parts), Gage Correlation (for 3 gages), Gage Linearity, and Gage Bias.
The seminar ends with an explanation of how to combine all relevant uncertainty information into an "Uncertainty Budget" that helps determine the appropriate width of QC specification intervals (i.e., "guard-banded specifications"). Spreadsheets are used to demonstrate how to perform the methods described during the seminar.

Areas Covered in the Session :
Fundamental Vocabulary & Concepts
Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (ANOVA method)
Gage Correlation
Gage Linearity
Gage Bias
Uncertainty Budgets and Guard-banded Specifications



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