COPAN Liquid Based Microbiology

Masterclass on Rapid Microbial Detection Methods (RMM) - London, UK

2017, July 4 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Pharmaceutical » Workshop

This one day masterclass will explore the scientific principles for different types of rapid detection method technologies. Topics that will be discussed include: Existing regulations and how to effectively comply and the strengths and weaknesses of both rapid and classical methods and why we need to implement rapid microbial methods vs classical microbial methods?

Furthermore the masterclass will look into how to evaluate the best RMM for each application alongside talking on validation strategy, regulatory strategy and examples of case studies & personal experiences from Sanofi.

Benoît Ramond will be leading the masterclass and is the Senior Microbiology Expert at Sanofi. Benoît is a Doctor in Pharmacy at the University of Paris XI in France and has obtained a PhD in Microbiology. He has more than 25 years' experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Since 2004 he has had his role as a Microbiology Expert at Sanofi group. In his job function he has also taken a leading role in the Modern Microbiological Methods strategy and development within Sanofi group, making him the perfect selection to host this masterclass.

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