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Food and Drink Microbiology for Non-microbiologists

2014, May 20

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Food microbiology is a vital component in ensuring the safety and stability of the food that we eat. Like all technical subjects, it is full of jargon that can appear complex and difficult to non-microbiological staff. Understanding the basics of food microbiology and its importance in maintaining food safety is vital in ensuring the safety and stability of the food that we all eat.

This introductory one-day course is specifically tailored to describe to non-microbiologists the various kinds and types of micro-organisms associated with foods, their effect on your food products and/or consumers and the ways in which you can control or eliminate their activity.

Who should attend?

Non-microbiologists who need to understand microbiological results, such as:

QA Managers
NPD Staff
Junior Laboratory Personnel
Managers who have to implement good microbiology throughout the food chain

From this course you will

Understand the types and significance of microorganisms in foods
Learn about the causes and effects of spoilage
Discover the agents responsible for food poisoning and their symptoms
Gain an insight into the methods employed in controlling microbial growth in foods
Understand the terms and language used by microbiologists
Recognise the role of microbiology in QC


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