COPAN Liquid Based Microbiology

Biotechnology for the Future - Barnard Castle, UK

2018, November 22 - 23

Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Water » Training

This course outlines the principles of production and development of a single processing route encompassing techniques, materials and requirements to produce product. Includes guidance on validating, verifying and quantifying techniques and systems to maximise quality and consistency.

Course Objectives
Course objectives are to provide an understanding of:
- Different types of biotechnology processes
- Current and future GMP requirements for biotechnology
- Typical product lifecycle phases and regulatory requirements
- Steps involved in the manufacture of clinical batches including scale up, product characterisation, and control of process inputs and outputs
- How the product can influence facility design and the use of disposable technologies
- Differences between the production of a variety of cell substrates e.g. mammalian, bacterial, viral, and plant cell products
- Upstream processing including cell culture, fermentation, harvest
- Downstream processing including typical purification techniques
- Analytical techniques employed to verify final product purity
- Fill Finish activities, storage and distribution of product
- Principles of process and equipment validation

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