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HERAcell® i Cell Culture CO2 Incubators Combines Ease of Use with Proven Contamination Prevention

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the Thermo Scientific HERAcell i Series of cell culture CO2 incubators. Combining the intuitive iCAN™ touch-screen user interface for simplified operation with the proven ContraCon™ contamination control technology, the HERAcell i Series provides researchers with a reliable, easy-to-use system for their valuable cell cultures.

The exclusive ContraCon system uses a highly effective moist heat process to completely decontaminate the chamber overnight, without the need to remove components. Additionally, the HERAcell i Series is available with either non-corrosive electropolished stainless steel interiors, or with 100% pure copper antimicrobial surfaces to minimize contamination.

Operational prompts, performance feedback and graphical displays are provided by the unique iCAN door mounted touch-screen control, providing the information necessary to achieve optimal culture conditions while minimizing the risk of user error. Superior parameter recovery times are achieved via an efficient mechanical convection system and quality in-chamber sensors allow sample humidity recovery to be obtained five times faster than ordinary chambers. This short recovery time assures optimal growth conditions and protection against sample desiccation.

Available with a 150 or 240 liter capacity chamber, the HERAcell i Series also provides a range of options and accessories, including a choice of either thermal conductivity or patented dual beam IR CO2 sensors, and innovative segmented inner doors which enable selective access. Additionally, the user can choose to incorporate precise oxygen control capabilities for hypoxic or hyperoxic conditions. These features allow researchers to configure the HERAcell i Series to meet their specific laboratory needs.

Thermo Scientific HERAcell i Series CO2 incubators allow users to culture their important samples with confidence, by providing an optimized environment in which cultures are secured, protected, and can thrive.

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Posted: August 26, 2008
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